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       My name is Bartlett Lentini. I am a photographer and artist specializing in events and portraiture with a passion for adventure and exploring. In my work I emphasize real emotion. I enjoy telling  stories of people by showing the essence of who they really are. 



        I give you a glimpse into the eyes of an explorer, an individual watching the world change on a journey from the paved roads of great cities to forgotten structures reclaimed by time. I am reminded of how fragile the life of the individual is and how society itself is also fragile. Humanity is always striving for greatness and progression but I offer a different view of humanity that shows the futility of all our great achievements and progress in the face of time.

     My photography is a reflection of how I view society.  I find the passing of time and the effect it has on civilization fascinating. I evoke a visceral reaction of abandonment in my work with the use of leading lines and prominent detail. When I photograph on the street I am looking for those little details in people that tell a story. These stories are in some cases, the only thing an individual will leave behind. Where does your opinion of society fall? Is true value lost or gained over time?

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